If you would like to add an authorized contact to your account, you can do so in the Account Preferences section. It is crucial to keep authorized contacts up to date so our teams know who to contact for various aspects of your VoIP business phone solution. 


You must be an Office Manager to access Account Preferences. 

Learn how to access the Account Preferences section of SONAR.

You must be an Administrator on the account to add an authorized contact. 

  1. Click the Authorized Contacts tab in the Account Preferences view. 
  2. Click the Request Access button to open an online form. 
  3. Select the type of authorized contact you want to add. 
    • Administrator - Full account access. Ability to add/remove users and first point of contact for net2phone Canada. 
    • Billing - Access to invoices and account history. They cannot make changes that affect services.
    • Technical - Access to account configuration and all passwords. No access to invoices.
      NOTE: You can select multiple role types for a single contact. 
  4. Enter the name, email address, and phone number with an extension for the new contact. 
  5. Confirm you are an Administrator on the account. 
  6. Click Submit and follow the prompts for electronic signing. 

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